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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  December 5, 2015 1:00am-2:00am EST

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it a terrorism investigation. >> poli arrest the man accused of dropping a suspicious bag by a homeland security van in boston. tonight what he allegedly stopped to do on his phone before taking off from the scene. i'm tracking those temperatures dropping overnight tonight and a rebound this weekend. >> a brother remembers. it has been 21 years where shannon was killed in a clinic. >> his sister killed in the abortion shootings in boston. tonight his strong views about the violence erupting right now across the nation. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 10:00. off the top at 10:00 two stories still developing right now. the investigation in california is now officially turned to terrorism. while police find the man they say left the suspicious bag full of wires right in the middle of boston's busy seaport district. where he was caught coming up in just a few minutes. but first, this is tashfeen malik the very first photo
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being one of the shooters in the san bernardino attack. hello everyone, i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa welsh. that photo emerging just hours after the f.b.i. officially dubbed the case a terrorism investigation. here's what we're learning tonight. the f.b.i. says the couple accused was not on the agency's radar screen before wednesday's shooting. >> they also said they do not believe the suspects were part of a large terror cell. also tonight we know a social media post is now one of the key pieces of evidence in this case. >> reporter: at some point while wednesday's attack in san bernardino, california, was underway officials say the 27-year-old female shooter tashfeen malik posted a a pledge of allegiance. >> we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. >> reporter: officials have not said how they know she made the post only that malik's statement was made under a different name and that the attacks may have been inspired by isis. isis are instigating these kind of attacks over social
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reaching out to people directly in the west to encourage this form of violence. >> reporter: today the landlord allowed the media into the couple's home no objections from police to look into the life of a couple that law enforcement forces say was self-radicalize neither farook norma leek were ever in trouble with the law. their families also say they had no idea farook's sister says she's not sure if she can forgive her brother. >> do you think your brother deserves to be forgiven? >> that's a hard question. i don't even know i would forgive him just because of what he did. >> reporter: tonight the f.b.i. says it understands people are concerned across the country but encourages people go about their lives. if you see something say something. we want to give you a closer look now at the inside of that redlands apartment. among what we already mentioned inside there were family photos, i.d.s and baby toys. there were also numerous
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course the home was littered with debris from the f.b.i. tearing it apart in search for evidence. you now looking back, you see all this this is something trigger like you know what that was kind of weird. you know. >> no. no. there's nothing weird. >> all of this perfectly legal, by the way, because the f.b.i. released the property back to the owner. >> we know the f.b.i. is urging americans to remain calm what are leaders in boston saying? our jim morelli with reaction from the the mayor and police commissionerment jim? >> reporter: well, mark, maybe that everybody has been worn down by so many acts of terrorism in recent months babe bostonians already know it can happen here because it already did whatever the reason we found that bostonians when it comes to worrying about the california attacks seem to be maintaining a stiff upper lip. >> it's a crazy world we live in and it's sad that we have to live this way. >> reporter: it may be law enforcement's biggest nightmare. lone wolf terrorists organizing off the grid. >> someone concentrating out of their basement it's very hard to detect.
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the city scarred by homegrown terrorism absorbed the news that the f.b.i. is now investigating the california mass shooting as an act of terror. one made all the more terrifying given the accused shooters were not on anyone's radar. >> does it scare you that there might be others out there? >> there's others everywhere. they could be anywhere from little kids up to whatever age. >> reporter: but in copley square three weeks before christmas, it was life as usual and then some. as shoppers, students and tardy commuters carried on with a measure of park call the and defiance. >> -- practicality. >> i'm never afraid to be in crowds i like the attention. >> being fearful and hiding away you're giving them more power. >> reporter: while there may be little fear of an actual attack some have ancillary concerns. mohammed is muss scplim is concerned about a backlash against her religion. >> terrorism and islam are two completely different ideologies you know what i mean. so it's -- >> reporter: the concern now
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and symptoms of terrorism could be less office than ever. -- less obvious than ever. the mayor says don't stop living your life but be careful. >> obviously, it's still under investigation but again it's people paying attention watching what's going on around their surroundings and they will continue to do that. >> reporter: of course, the concern is that you can pay attention all you want and it won't matter. we will have more reaction at 11:00. live in copley square, jim morelli, fox 25 news. as we continue to bring you the very latest developments from the california case. investigation details as we get them on air, on-line and on our fox 25 news app. this man walked out of a police station tonight in lawrence and was taken back to boston. police say he's the thief seen on surveillance video dropping a suspicious bag right by a homeland security van in the seaport. and tonight we're learning more about his criminal past. our john monahan is live at
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john? >> reporter: eveningva,ness a. the man accused of sending that hoax device placed it right by that mailbox behind the government vehicle. a robot dragged it across the street by the cement wall you can see the black marks there where this device was detonated earlier today. that man tonight in custody back here in boston but found up in lawrence and arrested at gunpoint. the suspect walked out in handcuffs and was -- would not answer our question. his reply unintelligible as he was placed into a boston police transfer wagon and taken back to the city he's accused of putting on edge in the middle of a busy friday. >> it's pretty scary to know it happens like right by where you work. >> reporter: police have charged him with planting a hoax device right by the tire of a homeland security vehicle. a homeland security officer saw him alerting other officers then along atlantic avenue in the heart of the financial district was
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the bomb squad call in detonated -- detonated the case that we now know was a hoax. >> we heard it it was pretty loud. that's still unsettling for a lot of people, especially with the marathon event that happened a couple years ago. >> reporter: a source tells fox 25 tonight he took a selfie while placing that suitcase behind the vehicle's tire then he took off. >> it looked like he left it there more on purpose and just walked quickly up. >> reporter: about 3:30 he was found 25 miles north in lawrence after surveillance pictures were released. >> maybe about five or 10 minutes we received a 9-1-1 call that someone had seen the subject in the area. >> reporter: moments later 10 year lawrence police veteran heral rogers spotted him. >> i took him into custody. >> police say he has a history of mental health issues and a lengthy criminal record. he's due back in court here in boston on monday.
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tell you what was inside that suitcase. we're live in boston, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. developing tonight fox 25 has learned aaron hernandez has been caught with a knife or shank in prison. the former new england patriot is serving a life sentence at the correction center in shirley for the the murder of odin lloyd. he was put into segregation unit taken out of general population. fox 25 reached out to the department of corrections but did not have a comment. hernandez is set to go on murder in january. a 15-year-old brockton student is accused of hacking into the fake account of another student to post a threat. that threat indicated the student and his cousins were going to plant three bombs at brockton high school and shoot up the school. police were alerted by a concerned parent. this was the fifth bomb threat at brockton high in the last eight months. new at 10:00, northeastern university has issued an alert for a missing student. 21-year-old dennis neroze was last seen six days ago. he's about 5'7" with black
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he was known wear timberland boots and olive green jacket and a plain black cap. contact northeastern police if you see him or know where he is. >> right now investigators are trying to learn what started a deadly fire tonight four people are dead and two others are in the hospital. kathryn burcham tells us what investigators are still searching for tonight. >> reporter: the family was asleep on the top floor of this apartment building when the squeal of the smoke alarm woke them. >> my mom heard the fire alarm on the second floor. when she went to open like the door smoke came in. >> reporter: the alarms were sounding from the floor below. kevin says his mother tried to go down to knock on their door but it was too late. his own family barely escaped running down the back stairs in thick smoke. >> my dad took everyone back through the backdoor and got my family out. safe. >> reporter: by the time fire crews arrived flames were shooting through the roof. firefighters were able to
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second floor but four others died inside. nearly a dozen others escaped and huddled in front of the empty shell today as investigators searched for a cause. >> we'll be taking a close look at the ownership of the building, the condition of the building whether there were any violations to the building. >> reporter: residents tell fox 25 the alarms were working but fire officials say the fact that nearly 20 people shared two floors here made it difficult to respond and help. >> the number of people here, obviously, make it difficult for firefighters to determine the condition and the number of people that resided here. >> reporter: i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. we have some chilly days this week but things are warming up for the week. storm tracker weather chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz here now about the temperatures in your town. kevin? >> we'll get milder for sure but we're starting off cold no doubt about it. we talked at 5:00 and 6:00 how the clouds will melt away tonight. temperatures dropping in kind. keen, orange, fitchburg
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but nashua 29 degrees boston quite mild at 45 as is providencetown. tomorrow afternoon we hit a rebound this is how we're settling down into the morning. the suburbs will be in the upper 20s overnight tonight. then to boston clear skies waking up to sunshine in the morning up to 44 already by 10:00 in the morning after settling in the mid-30s quite around boston. ipswich on the north shore generally mid to low 30s with some getting close to the upper 20s the farther away from the shoreline you go out there in essex county into middlesex county. those are your clear skies tonight through the morning you are waking up to sunshine as well. check this out right through lunchtime a sunny day. how warm we'll get in the afternoon and even warmer sunday coming up. >> local restaurant opens business as an armed robbery suspect looked on. in the next half hour the place he was able to hide until managers shut the doors. the american flag flying high right now over a local building. but maybe not for long. the reason some residents
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may have to tell the companies to take the down. >> a fisherman out on a boat but never returned. >> the think what heartbroken daughter is
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lost his life on >> number 24 now officially one of the red sox. david price smiling for the cameras saying he's ready to bring another championship to boston. we all want to hear that. brian salman was there for the announcement. brian? >> reporter: yes, ock, sox fans have been waiting for finally became official. i can tell you when david price got his jersey you could really feel the electricity in the room. now price who says he's just a cool dude had the a lot of cool things to say about boston and the sox and really why wouldn't he just got seven years $217 million. price has also been very successful at fenway park historically and he talked
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>> i want to win games, i want to be here. i think i chose boston because they have winning in their past. recently as well and i really think they're going to do it in their future. i'm very positive that everybody else will be happy with that. >> and price had his enentire family. david also added he can't wait to be teammates with big papi a guy he's had a well-known public spat with. brian salmon, or salman, fox 25 news. >> a new hampshire flight attendant is being allowed to go back home after allegedly causing a huge scene on an overseas flight. a north carolina news station reports the judge is allowing snow to go back home to a new hampshire mental health facility. but she's not allowed to fly. snow is accused of slapping a flight attendant and kicking an air marshal on a flight to germany last week
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plane's door while taxing to the gate. a manhunt is underway with two new suspects. belgian authorities say these two men were seeing travelling in a car before the attacks. the men were using fake i.d.s and one of those i.d.s was used to rent a house in belgium that may have been used for making bombs for the november attacks. the other man used his i.d. to transfer money to a cousin of the suspected mastermind. police arrested a man posing as a federal air marshall armed with a pistol, knife and an assault rifle in his car. officers took mark vickers into custody on long island today. he had the gear and fake bag when arrested. when they went to search his home they found more than 8,000 rounds of amo. police say vickers faces weapons and forgery charges. students in cambridge under tight security again today in response to another threat. police were patrolling every school in the district after an anonymous e-mail threatened gun violence. it was the third threat against the schools this week. police say they believe two of the threats came from the
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a woman found burning in a car in worcester has been identified. the d.a.'s office tonight telling fox 25 that marie martin's body was found inside this car on november 4th she was 35 years old and from webster. homs thomas hogan is a suspect in the death. heroin, cocaine and $77,000 in cash all taken off the streets of worcester and tonight two men face charges. miguel sorano and miguel were arrested around 6:00 this morning during the execution of a search warrant. the drugs are worth approximately $150,000 worth suspects face drug trafficking charges. heartbreak for a local family a daughter loses her dad when his fishing boat sinks off the coast of gloucester. it happened about 12 miles -- fox 25's erica richie joins us live from gloucester now with that emotional interview. >> reporter: you know, vanessa here in gloucester they're no stranger to these types of tragedies the
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is proof of that. but it doesn't make it any easier of what happened last night especially for the family left behind. >> it has to be a dream this can't be happening. >> reporter: those were the thoughts running through her mind nearly 24 hours ago when she got the call telling her her father, 46-year-old david southerland didn't make it home to gloucester from the fishing trip. >> my dad was my everything. >> reporter: david or heavy d as he's better known was the life of the party his daughter says. but for this commercial fishermen of nearly 20 years this was his life. >> his job was his life. his boat was his fourth baby. it was called. it broke down yesterday about 12 miles off the coast of gloucester. in the middle of strong winds and high seas. a bad combination of, according to local fishermen. >> engine trouble, and bad weather the boat stopped there's not much you can do you can't control the boat. >> reporter: a good samaritan vessel tried to
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did too but the weather was just so hostile and the orange sea was taking on too much water. the three crew members had to abandon ship and when their captain heavy d was unresponsive. >> i just want to let everybody know he was my hero. he got his other crew members off the boat before he even thought about getting off the boat. so that was the type of person my father was. >> reporter: and i'm told by fishermen here in tonight tonight that southerland was well respected among his peers remembered tonight as a good captain. his other two crew members were okay and are expected to continue to be okay. a medical examiner will now determine how southerland died. live in gloucester tonight's, erica richie, fox 25 news. cocaine found in a tour bus bedroom where rock star scott weiland was found dead overnight. still no official cause of
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the former stone temple pilots frontman was 48. he did have a long history of substance abuse. popular alternatives to the real thing. still ahead why possible new regulations may wipe out the altogether. >> we told you about two children in main who contracted e. coli one of them died and the parents say they got it at the same fall fair. tonight why officials say that's not the case.
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a man is dead after a fire destroyed the part of conkorksd new hampshire early this morning. since we told you about this at 5:00 p.m. we learned that 60-year-old kevin kurty is the man who died in that fire. the fire started around 3:00 this morning. firefighters say it started on the first floor. they were able to get 10 people out of the building many were unh law students. the man accused of stealing from the u.s. army
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being held since bail. a dorchester woman has also been taken into custody. today it was james morales' first court appearance in massachusetts because he was arrested in new york. a judge today dismissing boston's attempt to block the everett casino. as fox 25 has been reporting for months, lawyers for the city say the casino will cause huge traffic issues in sullivan square. mayor marty walsh telling fox 25 the city will continue to fight the project but he didn't use the word appeal. the city has already spent a million dollars. it's, it's money being used to represent the people of this city and that's what my job as mayor is to do is to do that. >> wynn entertainment tells fox 25 they are pleased with the ruling. the lawsuit against the game. ling commission was also dismissed today. the search is on for the suspect in a hit-and-run. it happened last night in quincy.
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was a black boxy station wagon that may have been involved. officers say the driver stopped to check his car for damage and then took off. an e. coli infection that killed a maine toddler andic sickened another can cannot be tied to a fair he visited in october. the two had the same strain of bacteria but the c.d.c. reportedly says that the strain was not found at any samples from the oxford county fair. the investigation has now been closed. it has been 21 years since a man walked into a boston abortion clinic and started shooting. several people died. coming up the vivid memories of a brother who lost his sister in the attack and his reaction to the latest string of mass shootings. clouds are breaking up tonight as expected. temperatures well, they're dropping as expect today.
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the morning and family and saying saying their final good-byes today. a funeral was held for officer garrett swayze in colorado. swayze was a melrose native and one of swayze's colleagues talked about his boston ties during today's ceremony. >> he was boston strong and thank god that he came to colorado springs and became colorado springs strong. and last friday he showed us that strength and his devotion to his community. >> swayze was one of three people killed last week when 57-year-old robert lewis opened fire. >> two women killed 21 years ago when a man armed with a rifle walked into clinics where abortions are being performed. tonight the brother of one of those women is speaking out to our sharman sacchetti about the continued mass shootings and what he believes can be done
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shots fired multiple victims it. >> has been 21 years since a mass shooting happened where shannon was killed in the cliner. >> reporter: liam tells me that he's frustrated that shootings like the one that took the life of his sister back in 1994 in a planned parenthood are still happening. >> shannon's murder was a big deal 21 years ago in that it was a mass shooting and those didn't happen very much then. we have now had two within a week. >> reporter: he points to the mass shooting at the planned parenthood in colorado a week ago and the attack in san bernardino only days ago. >> at some point we need to be say this new normal is unacceptable and we need to demand something different from our leaders. >> but isn't it our mass shootings the new normal now? >> they are commonplace. >> reporter: he now heads up the massachusetts office for victim assistance. he house us this picture of shannon at christmas just days before she was killed by john salvi. and this, a picture of her
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died from heart trouble only hours after learning of shannon's death. william says when she died the world lost a lot of promise. >> she was a history buff, she graduated from boston college, she worked with children around issues with child abuse. >> call is indicating she thinks that someone is shooting in the building. >> reporter: he agrees other issues surrounding mass shootings deserve attention but it's gun control he's most passionate about. salvi bought the rifle used to kill his sister in new hampshire. >> the solution is we need to have a serious conversation about removing guns from the hands of people that would commit crimes against other people. >> reporter: sharman sacchetti, fox 25 news. we talked this evening about how the clouds would break up and they certainly have. when you get clear skies you are going to get some cold temperatures particularly away from the influence of the ocean.
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now. but right behind me is a surprising number. look at, this 29 in westin. this is 128 that's the mass place you're not going too far from the city to find. that woburn at 32 so it shows it's not the only place that's extra cold right now. there will be spots out there up to the north and west around the city of lowell you are finding some 30s. it's 37 in the city to go to the burbs tewkesbury at 33. look at carlyle you are down to 30 right now as well. some 20s out there farther to the northwest. 29 in it's 31 in temple but also 29 in fitchburg right now some cold temperatures throughout no doubt about it especially 45 in boston is one of the milder temperatures. your temperature will be dropping into the 30s but clear skies tonight. right back to 44 with sunshine. almost matching the temperature you have right now. by late in the morning right now certainly through your worcester is down to 35 right now under those clear skies your temperature going to freezing and some of the suburbs of worster will be
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we are seeing some keene itself is 30 . they're breaking up and your temperature will dive a few for degrees in the suburbs around keene. there will be temperatures in 20s in the the southwest new hampshire also for you into southeastern vermont tonight. north of the city into middlesex county 38 in lawrence right now. clear skies with the temperature dropping to near freezing overnight tonight. but everybody rebounding into the 40s by lunchtime that's because will you be starting the day with sunshine. you will have sunshine right through lunchtime. future cast takes to you over new england. any clouds that are around early in the morning to the north those move out and it will be sunny for you as tomorrow night we'll be clear. high temperatures tomorrow are going to rebound nicely. from the 20s and 30s we just talked about that we have outside right now getting up to about 50 degrees. natick at 52 norwood at 53 tomorrow afternoon. into the south and west of boston, same idea. 53 brockton at 51 .
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tomorrow as well. back here twovter temperatures are warming up to near 50. 51 douglas and bellingham at 52 . then finally to the north middlesex county lowell at 52 into southern new hampshire nashua at 51. ipswich getting up to 50 tomorrow afternoon. cape cod will be one of the cooler spots seeing mostly in the upper 40s tomorrow afternoon. but you can still hit 50 in a couple towns there. sunday you're waking up to sunshine. fast forward until about 5:00 in the evening. by then kickoff will have already happened. kickoff time scheduled for 4:25. so already be dark but it will be clear and it will be mild. still 50 by kickoff time can you believe that this time of year. southwesterly wind between five and 10 miles per hour. your seven-day forecast shows you we are mild on sunday for sure into the mid-50s that's why it's still 50 at kickoff time on sunday. in fact your week in view here we'll show you how mild it's going to be on both days.
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and 54 on sunday. i also want to pay some attention to the middle of the week. two storms threaten the first one threatens by tuesday. too far offshore to be a big player but something we'll have to watch the track of. by thursday. again this has been trending a little farther offshore. although it's mild tomorrow you know we're going to be collecting coats. out there at the jordan furniture in reading, massachusetts, make sure you come out and say hi between 10:00 a.m. if 2:00 p.m. myself surey and sar a sara will be out there. half a year of maternity leave? >> new at 11:00 we'll tell you about the company the major company that's helping out its employees and not just the mothers. >> but first ahead at 10:00 holiday party time it's here. one local restaurant's plan to make sure you get home safe it and won't cost you a thing. plus, the stars and stripes flying high over a local business. a clash between flag etiquette and a town zoning
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go the state's highest church will not hear pan from the state's highest you church you now in october fox 25 told you an appeals court ruled those members were trespassing and needed to leave. parishioners say they will continue to ask the cardinal
1:31 am
church. a century's old map believed to have stolen from the boston public library has been found. the map dates back to 1612 was compiled by a french splor. it shows the new england coast, the canadian maritime provinceses and goes as far west as the great lakes. the map was about 70 others that disappeared back in 2005. a library employee was able to locate that map on sale in new york city. a flag was installed over camping world the concern isn't about the flag itself but just how big it is. the size of the flag means install special lighting something against the town ordinance. residents were split on whether the flag should stay. >> it's just where they have something to attract people to say look at me, this is here. >> i really don't care if it's for advertising because i think it's the most put up.
1:32 am
by saying their goal is to rally the community around the sacrifice of american veterans. congress is about to give a boost a big boost to local road projects. this week they passed a five year funding bill for the nation's highways. and road conditions in our region are a major concern. according to the d.o.t., 42% of massachusetts roads are in poor condition. and in new hampshire, 54% of roads are in poor condition. >> we can help to address some of the choke points that are in that system and really give the economy a shot in the arm. >> massachusetts senator elizabeth warren did not vote for the $305 billion bill. she says provisions in the blil hurt taxpayers. feds could be cracking down soon on e-cigarettes. why the new rules could curb the industry altogether. >> a suspect dressed in black and armed with a gun.
1:33 am
plain hiding in a close just waiting to make a move. >> police in new bedford looking for a robber who held up a restaurant worker at gunpoint but it's what led up to that moment that police say are really concerning. the cobblestone streets of downtown new bedford lead toed to the restaurant and what happened there monday night still has employees shaken. police say a worker tells him she was closing up for the night when a man came out of a close dressed all in black armed with a gun. >> the main thing is no one got hurt. it's scary, it's shock but no one got hurt. >> reporter: police say that
1:34 am
after hours to pull off the crime. hiding then sneaking into the office surprising an employee with a gun, stealing nearly $1,000 and making a run for it. >> can we use this as a catalyst to provide some enhancements. now is certainly the time do that. >> reporter: so now attention is turning to safety there. adding more streetlights and some are asking for more surveillance. >> this is a wake-up call not only to ourselves but some other bid owners, property owners as well as the city. >> reporter: they're also making changes inside the restaurant. adding cameras and more lights there. >> business as usual basically taken the necessary measures to mid-gate any deficiencies that we had internally. >> reporter: that suspect is still on the run. new bedford police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. manchester, new hampshire police need your help tracking dhoun thooempt he robbed the c.v.s. on thursday night before 7:00. the suspect covered his base
1:35 am
know anything about the crime. an act of compassion by a new hampshire police officer is now getting global attention on social media. earlier this week, fox 25 michael. he was called to a portsmouth store for a shoplifter but when he tracked her down he learned that she took the ingredients to bake a cake for her son's birthday. the store's assistant manager said the officer paid for those items out of his own pocket. >> it doesn't excuse what she did but the officer as he stated it didn't think that the kid should have to suffer for the action of his mother. >> the officer did talk to the woman about the crime but in the end she was not charged. quincy restaurant is trying something new when it comes to stopping drunk driving. they're handing out free uber rides. albarestaurant on hancock street says it will pay for an uber ride to anyone who celebrated a little too
1:36 am
>> this time of year there's a lot of emotions everybody happy, sad, so whatever reason being people may drink a little bit too much and we want to make sure that they get home safe. >> the norfolk county district attorney as well as quincy police support the program. but add that bartenders and wait staff should go by the policy observe not overserve. the restaurants can call the district attorney office if they want to opt into the program as well. the feds are about to start regulating e-cigarettes. for the past year fox 25 has been telling you about health concerns and safety risks associated with the smoking alternative. our jacqueline fell explains these new rules and talks with some advocates who say the new rules will shut down the industry. >> reporter: e-cigarettes help chris hughes quit traditional smokes so he decided to quit up his management shop and open a videotape shop in pennsylvania he's in washington -- open a vape shop. proposed federal rules on e-cigarettes are finalized.
1:37 am
adult smokers to those products. >> reporter: proposed rules from the f.d.a. require federal approval for flavored liquid nicotine juices and ecigarette devices sold in vape shops. it takes thousands of man hours to complete for every single product. >> that's just not something that's realistic. >> reporter: e-cigarettes and vapping are a $2 billion a year industry. it's estimated there are about 9,000 vape shops across the country as well as 1,000 manufacturers and wholesalers. a surge in nicotine poisonings and visits to the e.r. prompted the d.a. to step in and regulate. teens are turning to the electronic devices. >> it's too often sort of a gateway start them with e-cigarettes they send up smoking tobacco sticks, regular traditional cigarettes. >> reporter: there's also questions on the long term effects of vaping. early evidence shows it isn't as harmful as smoking but some of the chemicals could have potentially dangerous side effects.
1:38 am
fell, fox 25 news. the obama administration is reviewing the proposed f.d.a. rules. they could be finalized this move. the f.d.a. already regulates cigarettes, cigarette smokeless tobacco. check this out. video of a dolphin swimming in the providence river. local authorities say something like this hasn't hapd since the 1960s when wheafls spotted. the aquarium of connecticut says there have been recent reports of dolphins in the rhode island area adding that it is likely that the dolphins are looking for food. >> interesting. >> really rare sight. i went to prove defense college i never saw a dolphin in all my years down there. have you seen any in the vicinity? >> i have not. let's hope the sharks don't follow the dolphins into the providence river. temperatures are dropping it's down to 30 right outside our studios at the norwood airport it's clear out there that 30 will be dropping tonight into the upper 20s in and around norwood. fitchburg is also at 30 degrees tonight that's clear
1:39 am
will be in the 30s overnight. here's boston clear skies now dropping into the 30s overnight and 44 by 10:00. we are thinking it's extra mild so far really the average high for the day is 45 . look at the records 70 not even disclose. that today's high was slightly above average. tomorrow will be slightly more above average. 50 at kickoff that's at 4:45 after the sun has gone down. how about that for some mild weather. that means your afternoon highs will be even mildern that. here's your weekend in view. you can see the temperature will be 54 for a high temperature on sunday after 51 saturday. both days nice and sunny. but also both days starting out very cold with temperatures only in the 20s to low 30s in most locations. so below freezing in a lot of areas first thing in the morning, too. just ahead we'll explore that weekend forecast a little more. but i'll talk about our next chance for rain and stormy weather by the middle of next week. see you at 11:00. new at 11:00 armed with
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the crystal clear pictures of a robbery suspect that local police hope will be used to catch him. inside the apartment of the san bernardino killers. why cameras were allowed in and what reporters saw inside as police now call this a terror investigation. still to come in sports more with red sox david price and take a look as just press clean and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba from irobot
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the martin richard foundation launching a clothing line. t-shirts and long steve t-shirts can now be purchased on the website. the shirts were created to raise awareness for main it's's no more hurting people peace message. money for the shirts will go towards supporting team mr-8. david price had the brett response to why he did so bad in the playoffs that he is saving those wins for boston. how could you not like the newest red sox pitcher david price?
1:42 am
he's in the city he loves on a young team he's excited about and i had got to talk to our butch stearns. >> i want to win games i want to be here. i think i chose boston because they have winning in their past, they've done it here recently as well and i really think they're going to do it in the future. >> meeting the expectations that i set for myself i'm very positive everybody else will be happy with that. >> monumental decision for an organization, which to me is so significant to be in a spot in which you can bring one of the best pitchers in baseball, a true number one that makes us so much better in so many ways. >> the responsibility that goes along with this spot in the rotation he upheld that for six plus years in the american league. that will continue here. >> price got to talk everybody to. this is why price is right. he is five time all-star
1:43 am
2012. his $1.95 era is the lowest of any ballpark. now price is 217 million contract was the highest for a pitcher until zach agreed to a six year $206 million deal now that's $34.3 million just a taste more than price's $34 million which is really, really low. no gronk sound but the pats will get danny amendola back along with some defensive help. today the man collins finally spoke. it was hard nobody wants to sit out and miss games. if you want to watch the eagles and patriots go to
1:44 am
4:25. we'll have patriots build up all day beginning at 6:00 a.m. now the bruins taking on dougy hamilton and the flames. the bruins will go down 2-0. come back brad ties the game at 2. calgary less than a minute later they would score and the bruins would tie it up at 3-3 in the second period. that game is still going on right now. coming up at 11:00 we'll have more from david price
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